Casing and Tubing

Casing and tubing play a major role in the oil and gas exploration & production. While casing form the wall of the well and is a permanent structure, tubing runs inside the casing through which oil or gas is brought upto the surface. Both are critical components of the oil or gas well as failure will result in huge loss. The requirements can be very stringent as the depth of the well increases. Sometimes the well has to go through rocky layers and sometimes inside the sea. Size, grade, quantity of pipes depend on the design of the well which is based on product, depth, pressure, volume & environment. With most of the easy exploration areas exhausted & exploration going into difficult areas, the demand for higher grade & better quality pipes is increasing every year.

OCTG Casing and Tubing Manufacturer in India

We are the largest Seamless Casing and Tubing manufacture in India. We have been catering to the Oil & Gas sector not only in India but around the world for the last two decades. Many years of experience has given us the expertise to manufacture the whole range of grades and pipes for special applications. Our skilled, experienced production team has the ability to meet any additional requirements of the customer and meet the tight schedules of large project supplies. Our dedicated quality team is always eager to deliver more than the expectations of our demanding customers. We are approved by API 5CT and most of the leading Oil & Gas companies. Below is given the outline of our product range. For details pl. refer to the relevant product catalogue.
  Outside Diameter   Upto 339.72 mm
  Thickness   Upto 15.11 mm
  Length   Range 1/2/3
  Grade   Upto Q125 & Proprietary
  Special requirements   Special Drift/High Collapse