High Frequency Induction Welding Technology

MSL has diversified into manufacturing of large diameter ERW pipes from size range to ½ to 20” and wall thickness from 3.2mm to 16.00mm.

MSL’s state-of-the-art ERW plant from MANNESMANN, Germany, is India’s first and par excellence ERW pipe manufacturing facility. Today, the company is one of the largest outside diameter ERW pipes manufactures of the country.

The process is based on the concept of forming a weld seam by electric resistance or electric induction welding, where the edges to be welded are mechanically pressed together, and the heat for welding is generated by the resistance to flow of the electric current.

The process begins with the cutting of the strip of the required size on slitting line and then fed through the Tube Mill for formation of line pipe. Once the formation of pipe is done, it is passed through the high frequency welder where the edges are welded together.

During the process of welding, because of immense generation of heat, there is formation of beads on both the edges, inside and outside the pipes. These beads are then cut in order to have unrestricted flow of fluid/gas inside the pipe.

Thereafter, pipes are cut into the required length and are transferred to finishing sections for further processing and testing of the line pipes like straightening, End Chamfering/Facing, Hydro-testing, Non-destructive Testing, Threading, Galvanizing etc., depending on the requirement of the customer.