Cold Pilgered / Cold Drawn Tubes

Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS) as implied is made by cold drawing a larger mother seamless pipe, which is generally manufactured through a HFS process. In the CDS process, the mother pipe is pulled through a die & plug in cold without any heating. Because of the tool on outside and inside the surface and tolerances are better in CDS. While this is an additional process over HFS, it is necessary to get smaller size pipes which otherwise cannot be manufactured in HFS. Some applications which require close tolerances and smooth surfaces also specify the requirements to be necessarily CDS. CDS pipes & tubes are extensively used in Heat-Exchanger, Bearing & Automotive sectors.

Cold Pilgered / Cold Drawn Tubes Manufacturer in India

MSL has a nos. of Draw Benches & Pilger Mills to meet the requirements CDS pipes & tubes of its customers. While cold drawing is a simple process, pilgering is a little more complicated process. Cold drawing gives only longitudinal stress whereas pilgering imparts both longitudinal & transverse stress in the form of constant gentle hammering. As a result the structure in pilgering is compact & globular. Pilgering is necessarily done for Bearing Tubes and high alloy tubes. We have full atmosphere controlled furnace for all types of heat-treatment like Annealing, Tempering & Normalising to meet the requirements of the Specification and customer. We can also meet customer’s needs of special sizes. Below is given the outline of our product range. For details pl. refer to the relevant product catalogue.

  Outside Diameter   10 – 101 mm
  Thickness   1-10 mm
  Length   Upto 14 mtr
  End   Plain-End
  Grade   Upto T91/P91
  Special requirements   Cut lengths