3LPE Coated Pipes

3LPE Coated Pipes consist of 3 layers for pipeline coating.

Layer 1 consists of Fusion Bonded Epoxy. This later provides protection against corrosion and is fusion bonded with the blasted steel surface.

Layer 2 is a copolymer adhesive which has excellent chemical bonding to the inner layer and the top layer of polyethylene.

Layer 3 is the layer of polyethylene used for protection against any physical damage of the pipes.

The 3 layer polyethylene coated pipes are the preferred choice for transmission of oil and gas around the world. It can withstand varied temperatures and environments ranging from dessert dry lands to deep underwater regions. 3LPE coated steel pipes are used for transportation of drinking water, oil and gas and other fluids. The 3LPE coated pipes can be used in the high temperatures as high as 60o C to 80 oC.

Features of 3LPE coated pipes:

1. Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance preventing steel pipes from any damage.
2. Resistance to cathodic disbondment
3. The external layer of polyethylene prevents any physical damages to either the pipes or the fusion bonded epoxy during handling
4. The 3LPE coated pipes have high performance characteristics and an extended life cycle

3LPE Coated Pipes Manufacturer in India

Maharashtra seamless limited is a pioneer in manufacturing corrosion protective 3LPE Coated pipes in India. We provide externally coated carbon steel pipes with 3LPE coating for applications in buried or submerged environments. Maharashtra seamless also produces other anti corrosion pipeline coatings such as 3LPP, FBE and internal epoxy coatings.

Standards used in manufacturing 3LPE pipes are:

  • DIN 30670
  • CSA Z245.21
  • AS 4321
  • IS 3581