Pipe Coating Technology

3L PE/PP,FBE,DFBE and Internal Coating (Liquid Epoxy)

3LPE/3 LPP coating is anti-corrosive coating of 3 layers of epoxy, adhesive and PE/PP respectively on pipes, as per following details

  • 1st Layer is of Epoxy coating which acts as Anti-Corrosive Layer.
  • 2nd Layer is of Adhesive coating which acts as Tie layer between Epoxy and PE/PP.
  • 3rd layer is of Polyethylene/Polyethylene coating which provides mechanical strength to the coating.

Advantages of Coated Pipes:

The coat begins on bare Pipe with surface preparation by abrasive blast cleaning, phosphoric acid treatment, prior to the application of coat epoxy layer as primer, adhesive as tie layer, followed by high density polyethylene/polyethylene layer as top coat.

  • Strong protective layer
  • Long term chemical and mechanical resistance
  • High mechanical impact strength and penetration resistance
  • Increases life span of pipes more than 25yers
  • Economy in the long term due to less repairing/re-working

Application & Specification:

  • 3LPE Coating(DIN 30670)for service temperature upto +800 C
  • 3LPP Coating (DIN 30678)for service temperature upto +1100 C
  • Single layer FBE Coating (Canadian CAN/CSA Z245-06/NACE RP 0394)for service temperature upto 800 C
  • Dual layer FBE Coating (Canadian CAN/CSA Z245-06/NACE RP 0394) for service temperature upto +800 C
  • Internal Flow coating (API RP 5L/ISO 15741)for service temperature upto +800 C
  • Internal Slovent free epoxy(AWWA C 210/NF-French Specification & BS British Speciation )for service temperature upto +800 C