A Leader and Pioneer

MSL has always chosen the path less travelled resulting in many firsts to its credit. It set up India’s first and only large diameter Seamless Pipe plant and also makes India’s smallest diameter, hot rolled Seamless Pipes. With so many firsts to its credit, little wonder that it is the country’s largest manufacturer of Seamless Pipes and the undisputed leader in this field. MSL has also set up the country’s first integrated plant to produce Drill pipes, which are used in oil and gas exploration. In ERW pipes too, it is the first to manufacture large diameter ERW pipes.

The Seamless Pipes that MSL manufactures possess the ability to withstand very high pressures and temperatures. Hence, they play a critical role in the oil exploration industry and are also in boilers used in mega power plants. These Seamless Pipes help transport a variety of liquids and gases over long distances. They are also used in the automobiles we drive, as well as in several defence-related projects.

As the country’s seamless pioneer and leader, chances are that MSL has touched the lives of most of our countrymen, in some way or the other. The ERW pipes manufactured by MSL are used in several general engineering and structural applications. Whether the requirement is for a few meters of pipes or for several hundreds of kilometers, MSL offers a range of products that meet the needs of its glittering list of customers.