Boiler Tubes

Boiler has played an important role in the modern world from the early days of industrial revolution. Now-a-days boilers are widely used by Utility, Industrial, Commercial & Institutional sectors for heating and power generation. With the ever increasing demand for power, the requirements of utility boilers have gone up manifold in recent years. Tubes & pipes form the major part of any boiler in various applications like economizer, super-heater & headers. Size, grade, quantity of tubes & pipes depend on the design of the boiler which is based on fuel, temperature, pressure & volume of steam-flow. There is also continuous efforts to increase the efficiency of the boiler. With the demand for high capacity & high efficiency boilers, the demand for higher grade tubes & pipes have increased substantially.

Boiler Tubes Manufacturer in India

MSL is the leading boiler pipe & tube manufacturers in India. Our boiler pipes and tubes are known for quality and preferred by all the boiler manufacturers in India. We understand the criticality of the customer’s applications and all our activities starting from the raw-material through process are carried out with the focus on the customer’s end-use. Though we follow Specification, our endeavor is always to exceed the customer’s expectations. Not surprisingly, we have a long list of satisfied customers who keep coming to us year after year.

We offer boiler tubes of all standard sizes conforming to all popular international Specification & Grades in Codes ASME/ASTM, BS, DIN, EN. MSL is recognized as a “Well-known Pipe & Tube Maker” by the Central Boilers Board, New Delhi for IBR certification. MSL is also PED certified. We can meet customer’s needs of special grades & sizes. Below is given the outline of our product range. For details pl. refer to the relevant product catalogue.

  Outside Diameter   Upto 355.60 mm (Expander pipe in 406.4/ 457.0/ 508.0 mm)
  Thickness   Upto 40.00 mm
  Length   Upto 14 mtr (max tube length can be met upto 21 mtr.)
  End   Plain-End/ Bevelled-End
  Grade   Upto T91/P91
  Special requirements   Creep