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“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

The year was 1946. The place: A small village in North India called Nalwa. The occasion: Bhavi Chand Jindal, the second oldest son of Netramji and Chandrawali Devi Jindal, was preparing to go east, following the astute advice given to him by his father. Accompanied by his brother Devi Sahay, the Jindals had their eyes set on Calcutta, and Tinsukhia in Assam, which offered more prospects for advancement compared to the simple rural environment of Nalwa.

It was a year before Independence, and the brothers were to commence work as trainees in the wholesale cloth trade as well as in retail textile merchandising. They had family connections there and Bhavi Chand Jindal remembers an added incentive, “Living conditions there were good then,” he says. “For Rs. 30 to 40 per month per head, you could live comfortably.” And so they moved. However, as it turned out, this first journey to the East was only a beginning.

the start of the journey...

Jindal family embarked into business activity long back in 1952. The first venture of the Group, Jindal India Ltd., was set up in Howrah, for manufacture of Mild Steel, ERW and Black Galvanised steel pipes/tubes. Jindals are the first and foremost manufacturers of steel pipes and tubes in India. They are also the first to set up fully indigenously designed pipe and tube plant in India. After establishing lead and consolidating their position in steel pipes/tubes, they diversified into tea plantation in 1980, the manufacture of Partially Oriented Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY) in 1985, Casing Pipes in 1987, Photofilm in 1987, Off Shore Oil Drilling in 1989 and Seamless Pipes in 1992.


Jindal Group believes in fundamental organisation value and the joy of the struggle lies in being the best and the only way out is through perseverance and hard work resulting in a job that is universally recognised as having been well done. Ingenuity and innovation are the parameters of progress, which enhance customers’ satisfaction. They bear fruit in products of superior quality with endearing service. The organisation also values its employees and considers them important as individuals. The group maintains an open and informal climate to enhance communication. The entire workforce behaves with a single thought in a playing team attitude.


Mr. D.P. Jindal is presently the Chairman of Jindal Pipes Limited, Maharashtra Seamless Limited and Jindal Drilling & Industries Limited.

Mr. Jindal has varied and vast experience in all the Group companies. Mr. Jindal is an innovative “Always on the move” industrialist. His achievements include indigenous development of tube welder (200 kW capacity) and establishing first state-of-art seamless manufacturing facility in India. He was also responsible for having generated largest tube manufacturing capacity in the country.

Mr. Jindal, for his outstanding services, achievements and contributions, was awarded the “National Unity Award 1994”. The Business Standard has christened Mr. Jindal as “Strategist” giving credit to time-tested and his innovative policies of success.

Closely associated with the representative bodies of trade and industry, Mr. Jindal was Ex President of Federation of Engineering Industries of India, and Ex Chairman of International Tube Association, India Chapter. He was a nominated member of Board of Governors, Institute of Management Studies, Kurukshetra University.

His philanthropic activities include running a free-medical aid dispensary, an English medium higher secondary school, and giving generous donation for betterment of society. Mr. Jindal is always eager to provide further development in the life style and career development of his people. He has plans to establish a fully equipped modern hospital to provide free medical aid for TB, Cancer, AIDS, etc.