Drilling Services

Offshore Drilling

It is a mechanical process where a borehole is drilled on seabed. It is done to extract crude oil and natural oil beneath the seabed. Offshore drilling operation can be run by several ways and the type of rig used is depends on type of oil, depth of location and prevailing conditions.

Directional / Horizontal Drilling

A non vertical drilling, including horizontal drilling is referred as directional drilling or horizontal drilling. It is a technique of drilling a well bore at multiple angles.

With the introduction of new technologies, directional drilling technique has become more accurate, precise and efficient. GPS (global positioning systems) is one the new technology which is used to pre-determine the drilling direction. GPS system results in guaranteed tapping to the reserve at the best possible route.

MWD Services

To get the real time measurement of trajectory information such as direction, tool face, inclination and temperature, a MWD (measurement while drilling) system are installed in the drill string. Additional sensors can also be installed to get other information depending upon the requirement.

MWD system is consist of three sections
Power supply
Sensor section

Mud Logging Services

To detect the presence of oil and gas, a drilling engineers study the sample of ground or rock pieces taken from bore hole by drilling. The process is known as Mud Logging services.

The process involves specialized techniques in order to get successful sample, from a bore hole or a multiple of holes in the interest to get reserve of oil and gas.

Mud logging services has result into minimize of disruption of ecosystem and that is it is good for environment, whereas earlier drilling was done on trial and error method.