CSR Activities

D.P.jindal Group’s Strong belief in Corporate social Responsibility is inspired through its commitment to take care of Environment,Helth and Safety of its employees and neighbourhood.A well equipped B.C.Jindal Charitable Hospital near the plant has been rendering primary and emergency health services to the employees, their families and nearby villagers.

Jindal MountLitera Zee School near the plant is an initiative in nurturing young mind in the filed of education. The curriculum includes a highly interactive skill-based programme,which uses developmentally appropriate and collaborative learning strategies to help students achieve competency in the skill needed to be successful in the society.

With our goal of becoming the leader in the industry, our aim in human resource management it’s our continuous endeavour to reform our organization structure to human resource for better productivity and performance.

Our Organization is built and grown by combination of achievements, business expansion and commitment to the society. Progressing ahead with business interests, what we never forget in our Corporate Social Responsibility. We believe in building relationship both internally and externally. We are committed to protect health and safety of our employees and community where we operate.

Our efforts always have been forcussed on developing incident free operational environment.

Our Various initiatives include opening up of School, hospital and adaptation of village in and around the plant. It is by adhering to social values and commitment to the society that we are able to prosper and look forward to contribute more in the years to come.


We support environmental action in collaboration with voluntary and community groups. We promote energy efficiency measures and contribute to the achievement of global sustainability. We aspire to leave a healthy earth to our future generations and we are always taking steps to ensure it. We are aware that economic development doesn't matter if it is obtained at the cost of our environment. We take the following steps to ensure a healthy environment around our factories:

  • We stick to the emission norms.
  • We take care we don't pollute our air and the water resources.
  • We staunchly believe that environment and development have to co-exist, otherwise no development can be called "development."
  • We encourage green areas around are installations.
  • We are constantly educating our workers and giving incentives to them to keep the environment clean.
  • We re-cycle our wastes so that there is less strain on ecology and natural resources.
  • We periodically assess the implementation of the corporate environmental policy for review by senior management.
  • We believe that an investment for a more pure environment is an investment for the future.


Community responsibility is integral to the way we do business. We use appropriate skills and technologies to contribute to social infrastructure needs and need-based rehabilitation during natural calamities. A healthy, vibrant community ensures better standards of living. Humans are gregarious by nature and we grow up in our respective communities. If our community is stagnant, we stagnate too. With our holistic approach towards social, spiritual and intellectual well-being of communities around us, we make sure that wherever we have, we help the community. We build long-term relationship with people who come into our contact. At Jindal, we are committed to helping various communities with their basic amenities. Such developed communities can be termed as our "social capital." We exemplify the spirit of corporate responsibility. We support schools, colleges and hospitals.


Jindal Group is committed to the health and safety of its employees, customers and the surrounding neighborhood. Their health takes precedence over our economic goals and priorities. We provide a safe work-place for our employees and communities by taking appropriate steps to eliminate health and safety hazards that can cause accidents and disease. Our proactive health planning supports programs and policies that increase company productivity by advocating interventions that promote good health and minimize the adverse individual and company effects of illness and injury.