Plants & Operations

20" ERW Facility

MSL has diversified into manufacturing of large diameter ERW pipes from size range 6" to 20" and wall thickness from 3.2mm to 16.00mm. MSL's state-of-the-art ERW Plant from MANNESMANN, Germany, is India's first and par excellence ERW pipe manufacturing facility. Today, the company is one of the largest outside diameter ERW pipes manufacturers of the country.

7" Seamless Facility(CPE)

Our state-of-the-art plant uses world renowned CPE Technology acquired through technical know-how from German giant MANNESMANN DEMAG HUTTENTECHNIK Gmbh. The CPE (Cross Roll Piercing and Elongation) process begins with the piercing of a hot billet on the piercer, followed by crimping and then elongation on the push- bench and finally the dimensions are controlled within specified variation on the Stretch Reducing Mill (SRM). This process minimises longitudinal and transverse defects in pipes and tubes. It also ensures better control over wall thickness variation as compared to other manufacturing processes.

20" Seamless(Plugmill)

Plug Mill process is a proven process for manufacturing of higher diameter Seamless pipes by heating round billets up to the plastic stage of steel and piercing in a Cross Roll Piercer. Further elongation is achieved through a Plug Mill in which the thick wall hot hollow is rolled through a pair of Top and Bottom Rolls with a plug inside to control the ID and achieve better internal surface finish. World Class Reelers are used to improve the wall thickness circumferentially, to achieve close tolerance on the Wall Thickness. As the OD and the ID are controlled by external and internal toolings during hot rolling in Plug Mill and Reeler, the pipe will have close tolerance, to cater to the requirements of OCTG and other applications.

6" Seamless(MPM)

MPM is the state-of-the-art manufacturing process for high quality Seamless Pipes and Tubes. In this process, pierced hollow is further elongated by 6 stand continuous rolling mill, where a high precision mandrel inside the hollow moves along with pipe during rolling, which ensures smooth internal surface finish of the pipe. Each stand is equipped with Hydraulic gauge control, which ensures uniform thickness throughout the length. The deformation of hot metal is in longitudinal direction, which gives better mechanical properties. No torsional stress is induced during hot rolling, which ensures defect-free product.

14" ERW Facility

Jindal Pipes Ltd. (JPL) at Ghaziabad, the flagship company of the Jindal group was incorporated in 1970 with an installed capacity of 30000 TPA for manufacture of Steel Pipes & Tubes. Since then, the company has brought phenomenal development in Pipe Manufacturing Process through many innovative measures. Today, it has annual turnover of Approx. Rs. 1137 Crores in the financial year 2012-13. Induction of sophisticated state-of-the-art technical know-how and highly motivated & skilled work force have made possible for the company to augment its production capacity to 2, 50, 000 TPA.