Plumbing, HVAC & Firefighting Industry

The unfaltering expansion of the Indian real estate market has brought many opportunities for considerable developers to advance big format office volumes and linked structures like resorts, malls, advanced hospitals, etc. This advancement has compelled in understanding the significance of the fire-fighting applications and HVAC in both commercial and residential structures as an important part for health and safety.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) can be classified as below with pipes usage in general

  • Commercial Cooling - large spaces of hotels, IT parks, malls, airports etc.
  • Process Cooling - for sterilized rooms of pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.
  • Pipes used in Fan Coil Unit - 25 NB to 32 NB
  • Pipes used from chiller header to AHU (Air Handling Unit) - 50 NB to 150 NB
  • Pipes used in chiller branch lines - 150 NB to 250 NB
  • Pipes used in chiller main lines - 300 NB to 500 NB

The main application of HVAC is to stabilize air flow, room temperature and humidity, which ensures that all such elements stay within the acceptable limits. Operative control of all these factors minimizes the risks related to health.

A fire fighting system is the most essential part of the building services, with an aim to protect life and property. Fire fighting system consist of three basic part

  • A large water storage tank
  • Specialized pumping system
  • Network of piping in either hydrant or sprinklers

Jindal Pipe wide product range includes pipes for firefighting applications, which is highly appreciated and accepted for their stable construction, unusual design features and superior abrasion resistance. Also, they have got a great lifetime and these are made from superior quality mild steel.

Galvanized pipes have got a grayish-silver exterior. They are utilized for both cold and hot plumbing house hold applications for many decades and for other applications as well.

Our Product Specifications in Plumbing, HVAC & Firefighting Industry:

  • IS : 3589, 1239 (Pt-I), 4270
  • BS : 1387
  • DIN : 2440, 2441
  • ISO : 65