Mechanical and General Engineering Industry

To ensuring that every steel pipes and tubes meets the needs for which it has been installed, the selection of suitable material quality becomes very much essential. The use of right product is required for each and every different need.

To the customers from all over the world, Jindal Pipes is the reliable source. We manufacture and supplies pipes that are used for various mechanical engineering applications since our inception in the year 1970.

Jindal Pipes is now India’s one of the best and largest manufacturers of ERW black and galvanized steel pipes and tubes in different thickness from 2.0mm to 9.5mm having outer diameter ranging from ½’’ to 14’’ NB conforming to national and international standards to meet various mechanical and general engineering industry.

Our Product Specifications in mechanical and general engineering Industry:

  • IS : 1161, 3601, 4923
  • BS : 6323 (Pt-V)