Boiler, Heat Exchanger Industry

As the demand is increasing for oil and natural gas globally, demand for steam condensers, boilers and heat exchangers also increase, which is the growth factor of this industry we are experiencing. Every user of oil and gas is being hit hard by higer fuel cost. To increase the efficiency of its consumption they are turning to new technology boilers and heat exchangers so as to be economical on cost.

Jindal Pipes is one of the leading manufacturers of ERW boiler tubes in India. Our rigorous inspection and testing procedures, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology ensures our boiler/heat exchanger tubes to withstand adverse working condition. Jindal Pipes has the capacity to produce the boiler tubes in varied sizes, specifications and grade as per IS/BS/ASTM standards.

Our boiler and heat exchangers tubes are approved by IBR

Jindal Pipes specifications in boiler and heat exchanger industry:

  • ASTM : A-178, A-214, A-333, A-334
  • BS : 3059 (P-I & P-II), 6323 (Pt-V)
  • IS : 1914 (Pt-IV), 2416 (Pt-IV), 11714 (Pt-III)