Sewage & Waterwell Industry

The most ingenious and versatile sewage pipe that is present in the market today is made using steel. Basically, a sewage treatment involves the cleaning up of water that contains industrial or human waste. Therefore, we understand that these pipes are exposed to both continuous corrosion as well as pressure.

Jindal Pipes provide coating with pipes of firm and rugged metals i.e Zinc that make them capable of working for sewerage applications. Also, we offer a wide range of external coatings (our sister concern company Maharashtra Seamless Limited) which are used in all kinds of ground applications and above ground conditions, like treatment works, pumping stations, etc.

Sewage pipes that are made of steel are able to sustain high pressure or gravity. Also, they are resistant to corrosion and minimize the embedded needs. At Jindal Pipes, these pipes are present in all the ranges and diameters, to serve all types of pressure ratings and ground conditions.

Casing is done to provide the support and to avoid unconsolidated sand, gravel and the loose rock fragments from falling off the wall of the well. This is basically done to avoid the destruction of the well shaft. The basic purpose of well is that it provides easy access to aquifer. Once a well is constructed for the pumping system, it then acts as the conduit. It brings out the water from aquifer at the surface.

Because of the high durability, strength and corrosion resistance, steel casing has been the most preferred material for the water wells. Also, steel casing has the ability to withstand very high temperatures that is caused by curing cement plaster.

Our Product Specifications in Sewage & Waterwell Industry:

  • IS : 3589, 1239 (Pt-I)
  • BS : 1387
  • DIN : 2440, 2441
  • ISO : 65