Environmental Policy

To demonstrate our commitment to abide by international environmental standards, we are actively putting in place an effective environmental management system (EMS) to control and improve its environmental impacts & aspects. We are accredited with ISO 14001 certification by DNV.

Though it is not mandatory to adopt this standard, ISO 14001 certification has demonstrated our compliance with the international environmental standards to reduce risks associated with its rig operations and it provides a global assurance to operate in different regulatory jurisdictions.

All our rigs follow zero discharge policy for drill cuttings and are in compliance with the government of India (ministry of environment & forests) environmental stipulations monitored by OISD.

All our rigs are in compliance with international convention for prevention of pollution with respect to sewage, air & oil. Our rigs harvest rain water and capture approximately 1000 tons of water per rig per monsoon.

Safety audits, Inspections (Including annual 3rd party) and drills are carried out in strict compliance with IMO, MPA (Singapore), classification society and OISD stipulations.