MWD Services

MWD (Measurement while drilling) is the process of measurement of well bore. A MWD operator measures the trajectory of the hole as it is drilled in real time, using the basic trigonometry and a three dimensional plot of the path.

The information derived through MWD helps to pre-plan the direction of the drilling process. During the directional drilling a MWD downhole tool is lined up with the drilling assembly, which enables the steering in any desired direction in 3D space. A data received through MWD engineer helps Directional driller to allow a safe planned trajectory direction.

MWD tools can also provide information about the conditions at the drill bit. This may include:

  • Rotational speed of the drillstring
  • Smoothness of rotation
  • Torque and weight on bit, measured near the drill bit
  • Mud flow volume
  • Type and severity of any vibration downhole
  • Downhole temperature etc.