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Offshore Drilling

Oceans have provided us with massive resources of fossil fuels and they still continue to do so. Since decades, petroleum companies have been on a constant lookout for the availability of reserves around the globe.

Offshore drilling is the process of extracting petroleum and natural gas by drilling a borehole in the seabed using a fixed or mobile Rig located off the coast, in open ocean and deepwater regions. Today there are various types of offshore rigs available depending upon the water depth and prevailing conditions in which the rig is to be operated.

Directional / Horizontal Drilling

Directional Drilling is the science of deviating a well bore along a planned course to a subsurface target whose location is a given lateral distance and direction from the vertical. It is typically applied where the reservoir is trapped in an inaccessible location. Directional/Horizontal Drilling has many advantages that make it a widely used process. With an advancement of technology Directional Drilling has become more efficient which ultimately decreases the operational cost. There are multiple techniques of drilling directional wells such as using jetting action, specialized drill bit, whipstock, steerable downhole mud motor (SDMM) etc.

MWD Services

Measurement while drilling (MWD) is a technology used to determine the position of the well by measuring the real time parameters such as direction, inclination, tool face etc. The information derived through MWD helps the directional driller to steer the direction of the wellto drill a safe and planned trajectory. MWD system is installed in the BHA and different configurations of sensors can be lowered in the wellbore as per requirement of the operator to get relevant information.

MWD systembriefly consists of three sections:
Power supply
Sensor section

Mud Logging Services

To detect the presence of oil and gas, a drilling engineers study the sample of ground or rock pieces taken from bore hole by drilling. The process is known as Mud Logging services.

The process involves specialized techniques in order to get successful sample, from a bore hole or a multiple of holes in the interest to get reserve of oil and gas.

Mud logging services has result into minimize of disruption of ecosystem and that is it is good for environment, whereas earlier drilling was done on trial and error method.

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