Quality Policy

United Seamless Tubulaar Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer of Seamless Pipes & Tubes in India, is committed to

System: To continually improve Quality Management System through periodic review and monitoring of Quality objectives, established at various functional level within the organization.

Strategy: To have strategic up-gradation of technology and product innovation, on an ongoing basis.

Structure: To have an organizational structure that promotes work efficiency at all levels.

Skill: To enhance skill of employees through appropriate training programmes.

Satisfaction: To achieve customer satisfaction through timely delivery of Quality Product, conforming to National and International Standards and complying with applicable legal, statutory and customer’s specified requirements.

Quality Objectives:

  • To achieve Customer Satisfaction Level at, Minimum 95%.
  • To achieve production process yield 92%.
  • To ensure on time delivery to customers.
  • To develop product for gas cylinder sector and low alloy steel.
  • To train & develop the people to enhance the skills of personnel.


We stand committed to total quality and customer satisfaction.